Thursday, April 29, 2010

sarah's silks: imagination play

I'm really into simple "toys." I try not to over-stimulate Ruby with a lot of lights and noises in the things she plays with (for example, in her Jumperoo, I never turn on the music and lights) because I want her to interact and play with people and to build her imagination on her own. Ruby's favorite things to play with these days are upturned kitchen bowls as drums and almost anything fabric-based that she can play peek-a-boo with. A favorite is this "playsilk" from Sarah's Silks. It's great because:
  • the silk is so smooth and soft and it feels nice on Ruby's skin (at night, before bed, I sometimes just rub her with it or lightly swoosh it over her belly)
  • it's big, but the silk is so thin that it can be crushed up into a ball the size of my fist to smash into the diaper bag
  • it can be used for a million things--right now, Ruby's so young that it's all about peek-a-boo and hiding, but I imagine that down the rode it will be a great item in her dress-up box or for building forts (one of my favorite things to do, even now)
  • it entertains her for long periods of time

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