Friday, April 16, 2010

deals on designer duds at Zulily

I was recently introduced to Zulily. It's a cool site that has daily deals in children's (and sometimes even mothers') clothing, accessories, furniture, and equipment from unique designers and companies. It's basically like an online sample sale with a few new limited-time sales opening each day. I signed up to get the e-mail once daily telling me which sales are opening. To see the items for sale, you have to have an account (free setup).

I have found it iteresting to be introduced to new designers I'd never known before, plus have a chance to snatch up a couple great items here and there of brands I already knew, too. Best of all, it's pretty much all brands that I could never afford to pay full price for, so it's a treat to have a chance to buy them at such a discount. That being said, these still are not cheap items, so it's a little bit dangerous to look at the sales each day--just because something is half off doesn't always make it affordable! I have to really keep myself in check and only get a little something here and there that I think is truly special (see below).

Last month, I got Ruby the most adorable Kate Quinn Organics belted coat for $29.99 from $62. She will look so adorable in it next fall!

Today's deals included Cabana Life sun-protective swimsuits and beach attire for boys, girls, and women and great maternity clothing from Everly Grey. I picked up this adorable 50+ UV protection swimsuit combo for Ruby at $27.49 from $68 for next summer.

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  1. that is so nice and useful for the children i love that Zulily and also the Cabana Life.