Saturday, May 29, 2010

all sunscreens are not created equal

I take Ruby outside as much as possible for fresh air and stimulation, but I am particularly sensitive to her sun protection needs because of a family history of skin cancer.

When I first saw this awesome sunscreen guide from the Environmental Working Group, I was excited. The two types of sunscreen that I had purchased this year and have been using on Ruby this spring--Badger and California Baby--had some of the highest scores on the list. I was so glad that the research I had done through various sites and discussions had led me to the right outcome, but this guide could have saved me a lot of time if I'd seen it first!

I also like that they have a Hall of Shame that points out what is wrong with advertising and marketing ploys in the sun protection industry these days. Much of this is particularly pertinent to the delicate business of protecting baby skin.

Of course, clothing, hats, and shade are the best protection, but exposed skin needs extra help.

Three cheers for the start of summer!