Sunday, July 4, 2010

books with little pals = big hit!

Ruby loves to pull all of her books out of our shelves and go through them one by one. Her favorite book (by far) these days is In My Nest, given to her as a gift by one of her aunties. She acts like that little blue felted bird that sticks out in every page is her best friend. She nuzzles it nose-to-nose and gives it kisses. I was at a store with her yesterday and found the rest of the line...As I handed her each book, she proceeded to give each animal--fish, bunny, bear, butterfly, owl--a kiss and a little nuzzle. I bought the In My Tree (owl) book and she goes back and forth between the two like she doesn't want to hurt either of their feelings! Love these little books (and, of course, my sweet little girl)!