Sunday, April 11, 2010

does your baby love to destroy books and magazines as much as mine does?

We were in Washington D.C. this weekend and Ruby got to visit with her Auntie Coco (my best friend, Coral). Coral gave her a present that was the hit of the trip (and, thankfully, the train ride back to NYC): an "Indestructibles" book. I read somewhere recently that "exploring" books through trying to rip them up and chew on them is actually an important step in the early (very early) literacy process. So these books are great--Ruby can "explore" it all she wants, but it stays intact, the materials and dyes are non-toxic, and the pages won't rip. She can slobber all over it to her heart's content and it just wipes dry no problem. It is soft and floppy--almost like a magazine or a pamphlet for your baby (not like a book-book).

The one that Ruby got was the book entitled Flutter! Fly! and she is in love with it. She spent a half an hour the other night trying her best to destroy it, but the thing will just not tear, rip, or come apart! Of course, it does crinkle, so she gets a laugh out of crumpling it up. These are just brilliant. Now I want the one called Mama and Baby! (available for pre-order only right now). It looks adorable.

These are pretty darn inexpensive, too, considering how much Ruby loves them. It's got a great amount of excitement to the dollar!

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