Saturday, October 17, 2009

staring at letters is the new reading

I started "reading" books to Ruby when she was only a week or two old. She is now almost four months and will often sit quietly--totally entranced--through 4 or 5 board books before turning her attention elsewhere. She is mesmerized by both pictures and, surprisingly, written words. She will just stare and stare at the sentences on the pages. I hope this translates to a love for the written word when she is older, too!

Here are some of her favorites (i.e. that produce the most smiles!):

1. Global Babies by The Global Fund for Children
Ruby can't get enough of these babies. She stares at each of them and gives smiles freely to them. She reaches out and touches them these days, too! Babies LOVE babies!

2. Happy Baby: Colors by Roger Priddy

The bright colors in this book made it an early favorite--especially the last few pages that show multi-colored things (like beach balls and macaws) and the black-and-white page!

3. In My Nest by Sara Gillingham

There is a whole series of these books with little finger puppets sticking through the hold in the middle of the book. Ruby grabs at it all the time as I make it move around!
4. Jamberry by Bruce Degen

Ruby loves the pictures in this book and loves the rhythm of the words as I make silly voices to read it aloud.
5. Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo: Baby Loves Jazz by Andy Blackman Hurwitz and Andrew Cunningham

This actually comes with a CD inside the book that plays selections of "Duck Ellington" playing jazz in the styles of some of the greats--Monk, Coltrane, etc. Ruby loves the colorful pictures and the music on the CD is very calming. I suggest stocking up on good music for baby that doesn't annoy you to death!
6. Goodnight, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

This is an adorable classic with pictures that are easy to tell a story to. Sometimes it's hard to come up with things to "say" to your baby after a while, but this one is easy to babble about!
7. Olivia's Opposites by Ian Falconer

This is great because it's all black, white, and red--which, since babies first see only contrast, are the easiest and most exciting colors for them to look at early on!
8. Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli

This is a cute book with cute pictures!
9. B is for Bear by Roger Priddy

Another Roger Priddy favorite. This is a touch-and-feel book with bright, clear
10. There's a Wocket in my Pocket! by Dr. Suess

This is one of the master's classics. I remember this one so vividly from my own childhood that I get crazy dejavu as I look at the pictures. I have a feeling Ruby will remember them vividly as well, the way she squints her eyes and stares at the creatures on the pages! My favorite is the Nooth Grush on the toothbrush!
I hope your baby's like these, too! Feel free to comment and suggest others!

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