Thursday, October 8, 2009

did I do that? (learning cause-and-effect)

My new favorite learning activity that is cheap and easy: teaching Ruby cause-and-effect by (loosely) tying a helium balloon to her ankle and letting her figure out what makes it move. I picked one up in the gift shop of the hospital after a pediatrician appointment and it cost me $2.80 for the balloon and the helium fill. We just tied a loop into the tail so that we can slip in on and off whenever we want to play. Ruby loves it. The first time we did this, she was about 10 weeks old. After the first few times, you could tell that she was “getting” it and knew which limb to move to move the balloon. So fun to watch the wheels turning in her little brain!

* Safety notes: never leave the baby unattended with the balloon tied to them (the string could be a hazard). Also, never leave the balloon floating on the ceiling above where baby is left unattended (ie. crib, play gym, swing, etc.) because if the helium dies and the balloon sinks down, it could land on baby and be a suffocation hazard. Best to tie it to something when not in use.

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