Saturday, February 13, 2010

cultural events for little citizens...gong xi fa cai!

I believe that it's never too young to start exposing babies to different cultures and traditions in a meaningful way. Jude and I are committed to making this a part of our family life so that Ruby can grow up embracing--and not being intimidated by--different ways of living. In the City, it's easy to find kid-friendly cultural events if you keep your eyes peeled, ears open, and check local listings regularly.

The latest cultural event we attended with Ruby was a family festival for the Chinese Lunar New Year. This, of course, was near and dear to my heart since I grew up partially in Hong Kong and have seen my share of traditional lion dances (not to mention one where my little brother was the head of the lion!).

We were amazed at how naturally Ruby seemed to take it all in. She was particularly interested in the drummers and the beat they carried. When the "lions" came close, she leaned forward in awe. Our Little Citizen of the World is really growing into herself these days.


  1. Hey Annie, nice post! It made me think of these super cute "Citizen of the World" kids and babies t-shirts that Amnesty makes: (full disclosure, I work there and my son is modeling the t!)

    We met at moms group over the summer if you remember. Hope all's well with you!

  2. Kyra, of course I remember you! Thanks for the link to the shirts--so cute. And your son is ridiculously adorable!