Tuesday, January 26, 2010

your baby will Skwish she had this toy!

The Manhattan Toy Company's Skwish is one of Ruby's favorite toys now (at 6 months), and one of the first ones that she started grabbing for and holding purposefully when she was still tiny. It's easy for little mini-hands to grab with so many skinny areas and makes an interesting sound (with the moving beads in the middle) that is attractive to babies. As you can see from this video, the Skwish can entertain Ruby for long periods of time.

Even though it is marketed for 6+ months and it seems to be very sturdy, it still makes me super nervous sometimes when she chews on it because I am afraid she'll pop off one of the wooden balls. Probably unfounded, but I still watch her like a hawk when she's playing with her Skwish! I don't want Ruby to be a stat in a toy recall.


  1. We use cloth exclusively (with the luxury of our own washer and dryer in our home), but the g-diapers covers stuffed with pre-fold cloth diapers are a staple in our diaper stash. They are my husband's favorite so far, and always what my mom reaches for first when she changes a diaper!

    So, if your laundry situation ever changes, stuffing the covers/liners you have with pre-folds could be an economical way for you to switch to solely cloth! :)

    (This is Joella, btw!)

  2. We have that toy! I've had it for years and I never knew what it was called or where it was from! My 7 month old plays with it all the time! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joella, great to know! I so wish we could have a washer/dryer, but it's not an option in our apartment. It is sooooooo hard to find apartments in NYC with them, much less the space for them! Bummer. That's a great tip, though, since gDiapers' cloth inserts are expensive to invest in compared to regular cloth pre-folds.

    Homemade Mom--it makes me happy that you've had it for years, since I always worry about Ruby being able to pop off the wooden balls. I'm sure I'm just paranoid--it seems very well-constructed!